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Many facility executives complete several energy audits but do not act on a path forward. Southland Energy has performed such studies and audits, while also leveraging customers’ existing studies and audits to implement their suggestions. From simple lighting retrofits to complicated central utility plants and renewable energy systems, customers have turned improvement ideas into a reality.

The federal investments began back in December, with Portman pulling for funding for the JSMC during discussions of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, then signed by the president. It allocated about $850,000 for different programs at the plant.

While the fate of federal initiatives is uncertain, RMI explains how federal buildings will always be a ripe opportunity to save taxpayer dollars.

This month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program visited to see if it can help the plant save money in the future. The JSMC applied for the program and got in. Now, it’s waiting for private energy companies to come back with proposals to upgrade the plant, which will be funded by the company chosen.

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“WE HAD NO IDEA what we were doing,” says Sam Pratt of the first show he and Valerio Capo staged in London 13 years ago — a surprising declaration from the co-owner of Gallery Fumi, one of today’s most respected design dealers in the world, with an exhibition space in Mayfair and a roster of famous British designers including Max Lamb and Faye Toogood.

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Task Force Lima, a group of local officials that meets monthly and is dedicated to keeping the facility open, has pursued several different ways to keep the plant open.

Gebolys is a troubleshooter at the plant and is called out if there’s a problem on the floor. He didn’t start as a troubleshooter and even had to go back to school to get the skills necessary to do the job.

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Your budget will determine how many improvements you can make. If you have several thousand dollars to invest in this garage makeover, consider hiring a professional contractor. He or she can analyze everything you need to store and the activities you wish to perform there and then develop a remodeling plan for you.

This is the art that defines our present, often through visceral and stark imagery, meticulous movement, and stunning moving image, and outlines a path for our future. It’s our mission as socially conscious creatures to look to such art to evolve and put us, as a society, back on a track that celebrates humanity and the creative existence. Without recognition of such artists, we’re trapped in an era that shuts its eyes, ears, and senses to the urgency of the collective human condition.

4. Have a holistic plan. Without clear direction and an action plan, it is difficult to make a meaningful impact beyond the “low hanging fruit.” A holistic plan is critical to leverage overall savings and provide a mix of improvements for substantial results. Facility leaders often benefit from a holistic plan that bundles low hanging fruit such as lighting and building automation measures with longer paybacks such as renewable energy. This evaluates all possible savings including water, waste, energy, and system/facility reliability to package the appropriate measures for the facility’s goals and financial requirements.

Our residential sales for the first four weeks of April are 1.7% behind last year at this time. Our commercial backlog has increased $2.1 million or 12% since the beginning of the second quarter. Orders for the Company for the first four weeks of the second quarter are now above sales for the same time period a year ago.

Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc (LL) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript — The Motley Fool | Spc Flooring Underlay Related Video:

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