China’s pvc flooring industry overview

In 2018, the plastic products industry grew by 8.5%, achieving a profit growth of 9.1%. The output increased by 7.44% year-on-year, with an export of US$60.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 1.1%. The total investment amounted to more than RMB300 billion in 54 industries, which contributed positively to the growth of the national economy. However, in 2014, plastic production has slowed down, and the industry index has entered a period of increasing. The future development of the plastics market will be constrained by many unfavorable factors, so it must be treated with caution.

Although China’s plastics consumption has accounted for the first place in the world, it is only one-seventh of the developed countries and one-fourth of the developed countries. This shows that China’s plastic products industry has a very large market development space in the future. . However, at present, SMEs in the plastic products industry face many problems, not only financing difficulties, but also the production needs are seriously insufficient, and it is unable to play an effect on the industry. However, relatively high-end plastic products, such as medical plastics, industrial plastics, such as automobile dashboards, etc., although there are great market applications in the country and have high profits, we are not completely self-sufficient, and we still have to rely heavily on them. import. 80%-90% of high-end plastic products in the international market are produced abroad, and Chinese companies produce very little, mainly due to technical problems. Most of the plastic products exported by China are low-end products with low added value, or some of the foreign-designed and processed products. Compared with imported similar products, there is a big gap in technical content and process design.

Therefore, for the local pvc floor processing enterprises to survive in the harsh environment, they can only actively identify their own problems, accelerate technological progress and product structure adjustment, and enhance the added value of products. Accelerating the transformation of enterprises, adjusting the industrial structure, and transforming the traditional extensional development mode can realize the strategic transformation of the plastic products industry. As a member of the plastics industry, pvc flooring is increasingly used in our living environment. Among them, environmentally friendly features, simple and fashionable aesthetic effects and comfort, the scope of application is wider and wider, and is highly touted by everyone. ! The increasing demand and quantity of space will be widely spread to all corners of our living and building. We should grasp the opportunities brought by the needs of the times, continue to innovate, and be proactive, and create a brilliant milestone in our life in this industry.

PVC flooring entered the Chinese market at the beginning of the 21st century and is now widely populated in the southeastern coastal and developed cities. PVC flooring is a commonly used and popular floor in soft flooring. Due to the superior performance and environmental protection of PVC flooring, tile and wood flooring have been widely replaced in developed countries, making it the choice of floor decoration materials.

Post time: Mar-11-2019

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