China’s pvc flooring industry problems

Mainly concentrated in the low-end market, the high-end market is under-invested by foreign control technology, the product research and development capacity is weak, the industry concentration is low, the product constraint is low, the regional development is unbalanced, the market has disorderly competition, domestic raw materials are in short supply, and must rely on a large number of imported equipment. Low-level, emission reduction tasks have a long-term need for long-term demand, overcapacity of funds, and financing difficulties. This indicates that the supply capacity of the plastic products industry is not well adapted and meets the changes in market demand, while resources, environment and energy constraints are increasing, and various factors lead to plastics. The development of the product industry urgently needs to achieve a huge change from quantitative change to qualitative change. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of plastic processing enterprises has become inevitable, and the upgrading of supply capacity is also urgent.

Post time: Mar-11-2019

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