What is PVC flooring?

PVC floor is a PVC floor. It is made of PVC resin, calcium carbonate, pigment, dye and surface treatment agent.

Is PVC flooring a green product?

Yes, it has been tested by relevant departments, non-toxic, pollution-free, and the formaldehyde content is zero. It is the green building material recommended by China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association.

What are the characteristics of PVC flooring?

a) Environmental protection: PVC flooring is a new environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, harmless and formaldehyde-free. In line with national GB18586 environmental standards.

b) Waterproof and moisture proof: no deformation or corrosion after damp.

c) Easy to clean: Clean with traditional cleaning methods.

d) Low thermal expansion and contraction coefficient: no deformation or starting due to changes in ambient temperature.

e) Antibacterial property: special U.V treatment, antibacterial, antiseptic, and mildew resistance.

f) Slip resistance: wear layer and special U.V layer, make PVC floor watery.

g) Refractory: passed the national GB 8624-2006 combustion performance test.

h) Sound absorption and noise reduction: 14DB noise can be reduced to maintain a comfortable living environment.

i) Decorative: PVC floor arch has 5 categories of more than 1800 kinds of color products, reflecting the super decorative effect.

j) Convenient installation: In the case of flat ground, professional construction personnel can install hundreds to 1,000 square meters in one day, and can be accommodated on the same day after installation.

What are the advantages of PVC flooring compared with ceramic tiles and stone?

First of all, tiles and stone are hard ground materials, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes the feet to feel hard when walking, and the water on the ground is easy to slip, causing injury. Due to the advantages of its own materials, PVC flooring not only has the firmness of stone but also the softness of organic materials, which makes the foot feel very comfortable when walking, and has the characteristics of smooth water, even if it falls down accidentally. Will not hurt the person. It is especially suitable for families, kindergartens and nursing homes with elderly people and children.

What are the advantages of PVC flooring compared to wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is expensive, it is easily deformed after damp, and it is easy to crack and shrink after air drying, making the seams larger. At the same time, if the solid wood floor is improperly maintained, it will cause mildew and insects. In contrast, PVC flooring has superior performance, does not expand and deform due to heat and moisture, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-cracking ability, and is easy to maintain.

Is the PVC floor durable?

The stone powder content contained in the PVC floor determines the pressure resistance of the product. The added resin makes the product have a certain degree of softness. It will not be crushed like tiles or stones when impacted by heavy objects, so the resistance is very good.

In terms of wear resistance, the surface of PVC composite flooring adopts UV wear-resistant coating. Through the photochemical reaction during use, the wear resistance of the product will increase with the increase of use time. The UV layer absorbs ultraviolet rays, so that the floor printing layer does not change color, and the aging speed of the product is greatly slowed down and the service life is prolonged.

What is the role of special U.V treatment for PVC flooring?

Special UV treatment is a way to use surface treatment of epoxy resin to prevent pollution, effectively absorb ultraviolet rays, enhance wear resistance, delay product aging and easy to clean. U

Is PVC floor construction convenient?

Very convenient. If the ground is flat, it can be directly glued; if the ground is uneven, it can be treated by self-leveling or special cement, and then pasted. The pavement of PVC floor construction workers is very fast, and can reach several hundred to one thousand square meters a day. It can be put into use on the day of construction. Especially suitable for the transformation of shopping malls and supermarkets that are not closed.

What glue is used for PVC floor construction? Is there any smell after the paving? How long does it take to stay?

The construction uses the specified special glue. This glue is water-soluble glue, which is safe for the human body. It has been confirmed by the national environmental protection inspection department that the glue does not contain toxic heavy metals and toxic volatiles, and there is no odor after paving. Generally, the construction is completed, and the window can be ventilated for 48 hours.

The original ground is a floor tile. Do you want to shovel it to pave PVC floor?

You don't need to shovel, such as paving sheets, you can simply lay the gap between the tiles directly on the floor; if you are paving the coil, you can do the self-leveling directly on the floor tiles, and then proceed layout. The noise during construction is small, simple and fast.

Can PVC flooring be used in bathrooms and kitchens? Is the floor dirty and easy to clean?

Yes. Because PVC flooring is waterproof, non-slip, and easy to clean, daily maintenance is simple, just wipe it with a wet mop every day. If there is oil, it can also be cleaned with detergent.

Is the daily maintenance of PVC flooring simple?

Simple. Just wipe it with a wet mop on weekdays. The whole body structure floor is best to be waxed once after the construction, and then waxed regularly according to the situation, it can keep bright and new. The composite floor does not need to be waxed and can only be cleaned daily.

What are the requirements for confirmation and rectification of the ground before construction?

The confirmation and rectification of the ground before construction accounts for 70% of the entire project. The specific requirements are as follows:

a) Moisture content. The requirement is less than 4.5% and can be determined by using a humidity tester;

b) Ground strength. The ground strength is required to be greater than 20MP, and the self-leveling should be greater than 30MP after completion;

c) Ambient temperature. The ideal temperature is 18 °C-20 °C (the optimum temperature for PVC construction is 18 °C-25 °C, keep the temperature as much as possible after construction for 24-48 hours). When the summer temperature exceeds 40 °C, it is best not to apply. The winter temperature is below 5 °C. When possible, avoid construction

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