What are the characteristics of PVC flooring?

2023-07-31 11:45:21 海宁市明远装饰材料有限公司 Viewd 20

a) Environmental protection: PVC flooring is a new environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, harmless and formaldehyde-free. In line with national GB18586 environmental standards.

b) Waterproof and moisture proof: no deformation or corrosion after damp.

c) Easy to clean: Clean with traditional cleaning methods.

d) Low thermal expansion and contraction coefficient: no deformation or starting due to changes in ambient temperature.

e) Antibacterial property: special U.V treatment, antibacterial, antiseptic, and mildew resistance.

f) Slip resistance: wear layer and special U.V layer, make PVC floor watery.

g) Refractory: passed the national GB 8624-2006 combustion performance test.

h) Sound absorption and noise reduction: 14DB noise can be reduced to maintain a comfortable living environment.

i) Decorative: PVC floor arch has 5 categories of more than 1800 kinds of color products, reflecting the super decorative effect.

j) Convenient installation: In the case of flat ground, professional construction personnel can install hundreds to 1,000 square meters in one day, and can be accommodated on the same day after installation.