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Backing Flooring SPC

Backing flooring SPC is SPC flooring that includes a backing layer. 

This backing layer is typically a specially designed bottom layer aimed at enhancing the flooring's stability and impact resistance. 

It helps reduce noise transmission while improving overall comfort and durability of the flooring.

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Product Details

Size:6" x 36" / 6" x 48" / 7"X 48" / 9" x 48"
935 x 150 mm 1220 x 150 mm 1220 x 183 mm 1220 x228mm
Wear Layer:0.3mm 0.5mm 0.7mm
Thickness:3.5mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm
Under Layer:EVA / IXPE
Surface Treatment:UV coating
Features:Waterproof / Anti-Slip /Wear Resistant / Fire Retardant / Sound Barrier
Click Syestem:Unilin, I4F, Valinge-2G, Valinge 5G-1
Warranty:Reisdential 25 years , Commerical 10 years

Function of "Back" in Backing flooring SPC

The "back" in "Backing flooring SPC" is the additional layer or backing material that is integrated into SPC flooring. 

This backing layer serves several functions:

Enhanced Stability: 

It provides structural support and stability to the flooring, helping to prevent flexing or bending under weight and foot traffic.

Noise Reduction: 

The backing layer absorbs sound and reduces noise transmission, making the environment quieter and more comfortable.

Moisture Barrier: 

Some backing layers also act as a moisture barrier, protecting the flooring from moisture that could potentially cause damage or warping.

Impact Resistance: 

It enhances the flooring's resistance to impacts, such as heavy objects dropping or furniture moving, thereby increasing its durability.

Installation Ease: 

Certain types of backing can facilitate easier installation by providing a smoother and more even surface for laying the flooring.

The "back" in backing flooring SPC plays a crucial role in improving the performance, comfort, and longevity of SPC flooring in various applications.