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SPC Click Vinyl Rigid Core LVT Wood Flooring - Black Oak

- Board Size: Standard plank dimensions for versatile installation

- Wear Layer: Durable wear layer for long-lasting performance and resistance to wear

- Package Content: Packaged in convenient quantities for easy installation

- Surface Treatment: Black Oak finish for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic

- Edge Treatment: Precision-cut edges for seamless installation

- Core Material: High-quality SPC rigid core material for stability and durability

- Product Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind

- Thickness: Designed in various thickness options to meet your specific needs

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Product Description

The SPC Click Vinyl Rigid Core LVT Wood Flooring in Black Oak offers a modern and sophisticated flooring solution with a durable wear layer and a sleek black oak finish. Crafted from high-quality SPC rigid core material, this wood flooring provides stability, durability, and a contemporary aesthetic for various interior spaces.


Ideal for residential and commercial applications, including living areas, offices, and retail spaces. The sleek black oak finish and precision-cut edges make it a versatile flooring option for modern interior designs.


Elevate your spaces with the SPC Click Vinyl Rigid Core LVT Wood Flooring in Black Oak, featuring a durable wear layer, modern black oak finish, and precision-cut edges for seamless installation. This flooring solution offers durability, style, and ease of maintenance, making it a practical choice for modern interiors.